white flower
Gillian Julius’ unique trademark use of multi-plated gold, silver, rose gold or iridium tubes strung together onto waxed cotton and fastened with a signature buckle closure has made her bracelets and necklaces instantly regconizable the world over.
This muted italian palette of cotton cords highlighted with swarovski diamonds, crystals or pearls makes this in demand collection both current and timeless – a must have on every wrist!
Streets Ahead, a South African saying that means, “ahead of the pack” was formed in 1982. The Streets Ahead accessory collection is designed and assembled by hand. Their dedication to good design, workmanship and quality production is achieved in California with hardware sourced from Italy, Spain and U.S.A.
From humble beginnings, a simple handcrafted raffia hat in Australia, Helen Kaminski has grown to be a leading international accessory brand recognised for authentic, stylish and innovative accessories.

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