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The Connie Roberson line of women’s clothing, designed by former Elite model Connie Roberson, is known for its simple chic designs favored by successful and image-conscious women aged 45 and up…
Connie’s designs have become a wardrobe staple for women in New York, Florida, Cape Cod, Palm Springs and the Hamptons. The line encompasses all the elements Connie’s fans love – clean lines, an exhilarating palette and timeless elegance..
Each garment exemplifies the Connie Roberson signature of elegance and timeless style.
All Connie Roberson designs are handmade in the USA and carried in more than 500 boutiques nationwide.

Gro á live is a Danish label since 2010.

It is a small line of asymmetric vests and jackets, using exclusively Boiled Wool as material.

The style has a punkish yet feminine attitude, a strong sense of personality, and does not pay much heed to passing trends.

Gro á live blurs the lines between knitwear and outerwear, perfect for winter layering – and aims to strike the perfect balance between easy to wear and edgy.