white flower
Fans of the Mary Frances collections are as varied as her handbags. These treasures are showing up on the arms of entertainers, artists, fashionistas, and renowned celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston… and the list goes on. Mary Frances’ whimsical designs famed for their collaboration between fabric, texture, unique materials, and colors have fueled her soaring popularity.
Streets Ahead, a South African saying that means, “ahead of the pack” was formed in 1982. The Streets Ahead accessory collection is designed and assembled by hand. Their dedication to good design, workmanship and quality production is achieved in California with hardware sourced from Italy, Spain and U.S.A.
 “Our intention is to create treasured accessories that enhance and enrich your journey. Our accessories offer authentic beauty, enduring quality, and graceful functionality, lending an old world feel to modern lifestyles”. EMBRAZIO